The Moon in 3-D!

My sincere thanks to Maurice Collins for giving me the idea of creating my own 3-D anaglyphs of the Moon on his excellent Moon Science website.

Strictly speaking, these 3-D images are ‘cheating’ a little, as I don’t have enough lunar images yet to be able to create the required ‘stereo pairs’. Instead, I have used a single image and some free software to create a pseudo-stereo pair. The process I used was to import and calibrate one of my images in LTVT, saving this image as the ‘left’ image of the stereo pair. Then I changed the sub-observer longitude in LTVT so the image would be slightly rotated away from the viewer and moved it to the left, thus creating a ‘right’ image for the stereo pair. Once that was done, I used the free 3-D Anaglyph Maker software to create the anaglyph.

You can view the 3-D images in my 3-D Anaglyph Gallery.
NOTE: You will need a pair of 3-D glasses to view these images in 3-D!

Clear skies!
– Mike


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